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Specification of the Tim Blakemore Racing/Kawasaki UK - ZX12R funnybike



Designed to cover the 1/4 mile from a standing start as fast as possible, Tim's bike is currently the quickest Kawasaki ZX12R in the world. And also the quickest British built drag bike outside the Top Fuel class.

This machine has been entirely conceived and developed at the Tim Blakemore Racing workshops in Bristol, and is still very much under development.

In a frightening early test session on the Tim Blakemore Racing Dynojet Dyno, power output exceeding 600bhp at the rear wheel.

To date Tim's quickest elapsed time with the machine is 6.82 seconds at 200.71 mph (target ET* is 6.40 at 220 mph).

0 - 70 mph in 0.9 seconds!
Acceleration force at start : 2.7g

The first funny bike in the UK to hit 200 mph in 1/4 mile.

Tim launches the Blakemore Bristol dyno centre Kawasaki ZX12R turbo funnybike to another 1/4 mile blast shim

Specification for 2010:

Engine: Standard ZX1400 1400cc, standard head, crank and cases. (Cylinder coolant passages filled for extra strength). Standard camshafts with adjustable sprockets, re-dialed. APE valve springs. Custom Arrow connecting rods / APE pins, JE forged pistons. F.B.R billet sump with pendulum oil pick up. Mih oil filter, remote Accusump
Transmission: Heavy Duty Nova 3 Speed.
Clutch: MTC GenII lock up
Fuel System: EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) set up on the Tim Blakemore Racing Dynojet dyno.
Fuel: Methanol, over 1 gallon per 1/4 mile run
Turbo: Tim Blakemore Racing designed and manufactured system
Ignition: Dyna 4000 Pro
ECU and onboard data acquisition: Motec M600 engine Management system
Chassis: Full chromo, designed and constructed specifically to suit Tim by Jon Webster at Webster Race Engineering
Brakes: Alien Wavy Race disc (available from us), HEL brake lines
Wheels: RC Components
Rear Tyre: 12" Goodyear Eagle® Dragway slick. Life: 10-15 runs (less than 4 miles, and 1 minute total use!)
Bodywork: Lightweight Paul Bland Kevlar composite
Paintwork: TJC Design

All the above components available from Tim blakemore Racing 0117 9042216

Tim's Story:

Tim's interest in bikes started from quite early, on but his mum wouldn't allow him to have a 'motorcycle' while he lived at home. So at 15 he bought home a Garelli Tiger all boxed up in bits! He reasoned that as it wasn't a complete motorcycle it didn't count and that's how it all started.

His home bike projects were many, and starting to sway on the wild side particularly with a 1983 z1000 turbo. So stretched and raked it was proving to be slightly difficult at negotiating the local streets. This is where the move to the Drag strip took place. He started drag racing in 1991 in Comp Bike and then moved to Funny Bike and holds a total of 3 championship titles to date.
Eventually attracting interest from Kawasaki Motors UK who have continued to sponsor and support Tim's projects.
His first race bike still holds the record for the quickest Z based funny bike in Europe. The last project; our ZX12R also holds a few accolades as the first Funny bike in the UK to break the 200mph barrier (standing quarter mile) and the quickest British built funny bike in Europe.
Our current project, to be debuted this season will be using the awesome kawasaki ZZR1400 power plant, with a Tim Blakemore racing Turbo system using a Garret charger.
Although the ZX12R was adequately strong enough, there were ongoing issues with the clutch with the huge amount of power Tim was putting through it..

The new ZZR1400 motor is altogether a much stronger animal. Using the standard crank and cases, the barrels are integral to the cases which are much beefier with thicker webbing to support the crank and a markedly better clutch.
We will transfer over all the mods, where relevant, that we learned with the ZX12R.
Modification include 'O ringing the head with annealed copper gasket, larger HT main end, head & case bolts, restricting oil flow to non-critical areas to concentrate pressure to the crank. Forged JE pistons and Falicon con rods. The heavy duty gearbox has been designed and built in the UK courtesy of Nova Transmissions. It has a 3 speed configuration with standard shift drum and fork type selection.

These 3 speed heavy duty auto transmissions are now available from Tim Blakemore Racing. This is the only Kawasaki ZZR1400 (ZX14) purpose built gearbox available for Drag Racing World-wide. Using the highest grade materials - Ultra Heat treated and complete with Superfinish (R) Ratios are: 1st 17-41 2.412:1 2nd 22-37 1.682:1 3rd 23-27 1.174:1 For more information visit the Nova Racing Transmissions web site here.

The Clutch has a much better surface area and is very similar to the old Z engine, so with the addition of the new MTC Gen II lock up, we hope to have better consistency with this combination.

We will be running with electronic fuel Injection and all engine management, ignition, data logging etc will be set up using the Motec M600
We needed to get the bulk of the project finished over the winter but, unfortunately, due to a move around at our shop our machine shop has been out of use. So we had to entrust the job of building the motor plates to mount the engine etc to an independent engineer. There could be no other man for the job than legendary Dave Branch (Branch Engineering) in Oxford.
We will still be using the same Jon Webster (Webster Race Engineering) built cromoly chassis as used for the ZX12R as it is still in a class of its own, with RC component rolling parts.

The bodywork is still under construction. We hope to compete in all ACU championship rounds alongside the Proposed European Funny Bike championships at Santa Pod and Hungary.


ZX12R turbo installation for maximum power

In  our Bristol workshops the coolant passages of the ZX1400 have been filled for extra strength

Massively strong 3 speed gearbox manufactured bt Nova Transmissions to Tim Blakemore's specification. Photo by Turnertech

Beautiful MTC clutch for the ZX1400 drag bike. Photo by Turnertech


The Tim Blakemore Racing ZX1400 Funny Bike is sponsored by:

Kawasaki UK, sponsors of Tim Blakemore Racing Rock Oil, sponsors of Tim Blakemore Racing

HEL Products

TjC Design

CR Turbo

Dedicated to Paul Rose 1950-2009 without his help and support we would never have made it this far..