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Junior News
Round 1 Shakespeare County Raceway 16/17 April 2011

Conor Meehan gets some guidance from Tim BlakemoreAfter much frantic last minute building and fettling of the new Junior Drag Bike all was looking good. The new Lime Green Powder coated frame looked sharp and after many phone calls we finally managed to source a 2 step and shift minder as promised to our youngest team member Conor Meehan. After he had lost a bit of confidence on the throttle after his over exuberance saw the expiry of his CB125 the end of last year (See Archive for details) The body work had remained the same as we have yet to strip it back. Hopefully it will be repainted in time for round 3.
The new engine is a little more tamer as we decided to leave the compression as standard for reliability. This should allow us to concentrate on Conor's riding and getting the bike down the track as many times as possible without any stress.
We were unable to get the bike finished in time for pre testing so, unfortunately this was done over qualifying.
Apart from the usual new build gremlins (Yes even the little bikes get them!) all went well and Conor managed, quite quickly, to find some consistency.
The weather was fantastic all weekend and the entry field of 11 riders was excellent! Especially for the first meeting of the season. Conor managed a respectable 12.2 at 50mph. He qualified O.K and was knocked out in the rounds by super sharp Scott Collier who incidentally went on to win the event.
We were very proud Conor had done so well as this was the first he had even sat on the new bike so was slung in at the deep end so to speak!
A brilliant weekend all round!
Conor will be racing at the Big Bang next weekend at Santa Pod Raceway on the 6/7/8th of May. Conor Meehan, riding for Tim Blakemore Racing

Tim Blakemore Racing at the BMAD Bike Festival Paignton April 29 to Sunday May 1st.

This weekend Tim, Wendy & the Team will be attending the BMAD Bike Festival on Paignton sea front down in good old Devon.
The show, in aid of local charities, attracts an annual attendance over 30, 000 people!!!
Over the three days there will displays in the main arena from Freestyle MX riders, Trials displays, stunt riders etc. and stacks of bands playing live. Music from every genre, the infamous Wall of Death, Hundreds of trade stands and loads more.
We will be there with our Kawasaki race bikes including the ZZR1400 Turbo street bike and the awesome 6 second ZZR1400 FunnyBike. Conor Meehans Junior Drag Bike will also be on show along with a few other projects that should be of interest!
All this right on the beach what more could you ask for!!

For further details of the BMAD Bike Festival and a full event guide click link below:

Bikers make a difference festival banner

April 2011 - New Rods Please!

We were initially using Carrillo with the ZX12R and then we used Falicon with the ZX14. We haven't had much luck with them to be honest, and as you know one hell of a lot of damage is produced from one letting go! Aside from the price of new gearboxes and Crankcases the actual cases themselves are difficult to get hold of at the moment!
After our successful end of 2010 we wanted to move forward with the project and so we really needed to be confident with the kit and we lost confidence with them.
Aluminium is a very good option.. Most of the Top Fuel bikes and the Nitro Harleys use them.
Ally as you know is more forgiving and will cope better with the forces involved, However you will find the life span shorter than with steel etc so need to be changed more often.
The main drawback for us, however, is space!
Aluminium in relationship to steel ,of course, need to be much bigger. The fuel bike motors have a little more room to play with, but, for the more compact Funnybike and street engines space is an issue. The area around the Big End especially with the proximity of the clutch being the main issue. ok We worked with Bert Hopkinson who is a well respected Aluminium Rod maker and a wonderful helpful chap.
The only option for this to work for us was to put the clutch outboard, this in itself wound have other benefits but it wasn't really the route we wanted to go down, we really want to keep the stock appearance of the engine as best we can.
The only option left to us was steel at present ( I'm sure soon we will have composites available to us which will move things forward again, time will tell.
Bert advised us to try Arrow Performance Engineering and as we wanted to get more British engineers involved with our project so we were keen to see what they had to offer and they were keen to come onboard. We worked together to design a rod to maximise strength in the space we had.
They guys at Arrow are very helpful and professional. They really know their stuff and we took delivery of 3 complete sets bang on the delivery date they had given us when we ordered them.
The new rods are beefier around the wrist pin and shaft and the material involved is quite trick. We couldn't go much bigger on the big end but they have cleverly changed the design to incorporate two reinforcing channels instead of the single style we have with the others.
It had never been a huge issue at the big end as we had never had a failure there, it was always mid shaft.
We are really happy with the quality which raises the flag for British engineering.
Still, the proof is in the pudding and we've yet to test them out!
Next chapter coming soon!


Tim Blakemore Racing To Take On Europe - After a very promising end to 2010 Tim Blakemore will be campaigning the ZZR1400 Funny Bike at the 2011 UEM / FIA European Drag Racing Championships. from the British rounds will include Hungary Norway and Finland - Full dates and schedule to be announced shortly.
We are happy with the development so far and aside from a few slight modifications made to the machine over the winter.
There has only been one major change. Whilst we are confident the standard bottom end of the awesome Kawasaki ZZR1400 Engine will cope with the task in hand, we are not confident that the Falicon rods can cope with the application. So after much discussion approached Arrow Performance here in the U.K to design and build a rod to our specifications. We are very excited about this development and with the finished design complete, they are now under construction ready for the coming season.

Junior Drag Bike Racer Conor Meehan set for full season Following an exciting start to his drag racing career Conor Meehan is keen to get out for the first meeting in April. He did very well in his rookie year only being able to start in July 2010 after his 11th birthday made him legal to race his Honda CB125.
We were very impressed with him, Its a lot to take in to start with and it does take a few goes to get it all together. He picked it all up real quick! Doing everything he was told to do to the letter! The only hiccup of the year was at the August Bank holiday meeting at Shakespeare Count Raceway where his rather exuberant use of the throttle on the startline came to be a little to much for the poor little 125 thus resulting in his first (and hopefully his last) engine expiry! Whilst much of the engine components had made a bid for freedom and were exiting out the exhausts and onto the track, Conor still went for the run and at approximately 5mph didn't look back! Much to the dismay of the poor lone fire crew running behind him extinguisher in hand trying to bring the overly keen racer to a stop. Conor was devastated his weekend had come to a premature end but was slightly consoled by the fact he had been hailed a 'proper racer' and proudly carried his ventilated piston around with him for the rest of the weekend!
The bike had become somewhat tired after lending its service to Conor's Cousin Tyler Clutterbuck since 2004 so it was in need of some T.L.C. We have built a new engine with flowed head and big bore kit. The frame has been freshly powder coated and all components checked and cleaned ready to go. Oh and last but not least, the addition of a Dyna (2 step) RPM Limiter...

See Conor and the rest of the Junior Drag Bike Racers at the following events:
April 16/17 - Shakespeare County Raceway - May 7/8 - Santa Pod - Big Bang May 14/15 - Shakespeare County Raceway - Springspeed nationals July 9/10 - Shakespeare County Raceway August 28/29 - Shakespeare County Raceway - Open Sport Nationals September 25/26 - Santa Pod Raceway - National Finals
October 1/ 2 - Shakespeare County Raceway - Junior Finals

Fuel Bike news
Things have been a little thin on the ground for 2 times Super twin Fuel Champion Wendy Clutterbuck. After serious cylinder head damage in 2008 and further commitment to the Funny Bike project Finances are a little stretched! She rode Tim's ZZR1400 Funny Bike at the Ladies that launch meeting at Shakespeare County Raceway In 2010 and hopes to make it to the event again this year. Dave Branch Engineering is currently building a fresh set of billet heads for the Big Twin Harley and is very close to completion. "I was hoping to have the fuel bike ready by then and if the ZZR1400 street bike was ready as well, planned to run all three over the weekend! and why not? it will be great fun!
Well anyway we wont know until closer to the time which bikes will be ready so we will just have to wait and see. The only other event on this years calendar for Wendy is the Bulldog bash at Shakespeare County raceway where she will do exhibition runs on Friday and Saturday.

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