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HealTech was launched in 2003 producing speedometer calibrators and by 2008 were producing a huge product range. All HealTech products are designed, manufactured and tested in-house before being shipped to distributors Worldwide. The basic product range is detailed below, and on the right you can locate the correct part number for your bike with the HealTech product advisor.


HealTech FI Tuner pro:

FI Tuner pro is a ground breaking product offering a more cost effective alternative to the Power Commander and is the first viable alternative. It is only available for Suzuki's at present and is not model specific so you can fit the unit to all models listed. The units adjust the fueling across a graph/map with exactly the same results as the Power Commander. But it is much easier to install, is less than a quarter of the size, and retail only £179.99 . The PC still has its place in the market, but this unit is simpler, and therefore more cost effective to the general road bike user.
They work fantastically, with no other unnecessary expense.

Click here to read the HealTech product description PDF

Launch price:

HealTech FI Tuner pro:£179.95

Supply, fit, and dyno custom map deal: £299.95 with full warranty.

We are so confident with this product we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction or your money back!!

HealTech FI Tuner Pro fuel injection units in stock in Bristol at Tim Blakemore Racing  



X-TRE is an advanced Timing Retard Eliminator, which preserves the function of the OEM dash gear indicator!!

 It is achieved by having a microchip encode/decode the communication link between the ECM and the dashboard in real time. This feature is unique, as other TRE boxes on the market disable the factory gear indicator.

This module improves partial-throttle response and low-end torque in gears 1-3, and bypasses the speed limiter on 1000cc+ bikes.

Adding as much as 9 BRAKE HORSEPOWER (e.g. Suzuki Hayabusa and B-King), while improving throttle response and acceleration in the lower gears. The unit automatically turns off the mapping in neutral for smooth idle operation.

Healtech X-TRE Power Box:

All at £94.95 including Free U.K Delivery (Ist Class).

HealTech Power Box mail order shim

Gear Indicators:

The all new GIpro-X with harness Y01 from HealTech Electronics Ltd. is the third GIpro variant in the range. This plug and play gear position indicator will fit ALL motorcycles and vehicles which have electronic speedometer (either analog or digital readout).

For vehicles with cable driven speedometer, we will offer an optional speed sensor later in 2009.

Due to a modern processor and sophisticated firmware, the GIpro-X offers faster and more reliable readings than competitive products.

The same size as the GIpro-DS, this is also the smallest, most compact gear indicator on the market, making it easy to mount at the instrument cluster. Just the perfect size.

It has a clear front face which goes along nicely with the factory instruments.

The product is available with Red, Blue, Green and Yellow LED display.

We offer bike specific looms to make the installation quick and simple. The module is auto learning, there are no buttons and no programming wire. Just go through the gears and you are done.

Programmable Shift Light function as well as High Speed Warning feature is included. You won’t find this feature set in other products.


DS & GPX Series

All at £99.99 including Free U.K Delivery (Ist Class).

HealTech gear indicator mail order

HealTech gear indicator in bristol

HealTech gear indicators and Speedohealers from stock in Bristol at Tim Blakemore Racing

Healtech gear indicators in the South West



On most modern motorcycles, with factory speedometer error being as high as 10%, even a modest sprocket gearing change can have the speedometer off by 15%. The sprocket change will also cause higher odometer reading, creating a negative resale factor for no valid reason and making YOU pay for services before you need them.

The SpeedoHealer is an inexpensive, convenient and very simple way to fix your speedo and odometer Compatible with all motorcycles with non cable driven speedometer.

SpeedoHealer V4
with 3 functions in 1 unit!

Programmable Calibrator:
Calibrate your vehicle's factory speedo and odometer to get 100% accurate readings
Make sprocket conversions road legal by speedo re-calibration

Convert miles to kilometers and vice versa on import vehicles.

Set your speedo reading according to the local standard during your trip abroad (e.g. to/from the UK).

Advanced Top Speed Memory:
Recall your true top speed to your factory speedometer by press of a button mounted on the handlebars (Did you wonder just how fast you were going on that track day?).

Healtech Speedohealer V4:

All at £84.95 including Free U.K Delivery (Ist Class).

Healtech  SpeedoHealer mail order

Healtech  SpeedoHealer mail order in the South West