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NITROUS OXIDE INJECTION is probably the cheapest and easiest route to gain horsepower.

Basically nitrous oxide is injected from a bottle into the inlet manifold and has the effect of a massive increase in air volume and the ability to burn more fuel, thus boosting BHP.
The amount of power increase is determined by using different size jets or 'funnels'. A measured amount of fuel is pumped into the system simultaneously to compensate for the lean condition produced by the nitrous 'hit'.

NOS systems for motorcyles custom fitted and dyno tuned in Bristol at Tim Blakemore RacingNOS components from Blakemore Racing BristolNitrous Oxide bottle valves from Blakemore Racing

There are many systems available on the market, we use NOS (NITROUS OXIDE SYSTEMS) as these kits always produce good results with quality, reliable solenoids. Wet and dry nitrous systems installed (carbureted and fuel injected)
We can supply and custom fit your kit, tailoring it to your needs.

The Tim Blakemore Race and Classics workshops are also a Nitrous Oxide filling station.


Tim Blakemore Racing NOS nitrous oxide filling station in Bristol shim