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Alongside the usual servicing, repairs and classic bike resoration work here in the South West, we have also worked on a number of stunning street bike projects for some of our performance mad clients.
If you have some crazy tarmac churning project bike in mind, give us a call on 0117 9042216. We can turn your dream bike into a reality, right here in Bristol at Tim Blakemore Race and Classics. Home of our record breaking dragbike.
When it comes to performance motorcycle tuning we know our stuff; how about 0-200mph in 6.8 seconds!



No. 1 January 2010 - 2007 SUZUKI B-KING

Objective: 200hp at the rear wheel without nitrous oxide.

Cylinder head mildly gas flowed
Modified camshafts plus adjustable sprockets
Re-dialed lobe centre's
Forged pistons
Brock full exhaust system
K&N air filter
After market velocity stacks with modifications
Standard fuel injection fitted with a Dynojet Power Commander III (dyno custom mapped)
Standard ignition with a Dynojet Ignition Module (dyno custom mapped)
Dynojet Quickshifter
Healtech X-TRE Power Box
NOS Nitrous Oxide System (Disarmed at present)

Result: 204hp and 111ft/lbs torque (still not fully run in!)

Update Feb. 2011: The bike has since been run in and has been back on the dyno and is now making in excess of 210 bhp that's normally aspirated WITHOUT the Nitrous.


For the full story read this PDF



All products and accessories used are available at the Tim Blakemore Race and Classics shop in Bristol, or by Mail Order.

The B-King engine is removed for serious tuning work to begin at Tim Blakemore Racing in Bristol

Serious surgery begins on the B King

Tim Blakemore chose the super cool and super light Brock's exhaust system for the B-King

Super light Brock's exhaust system is recommended for the B-King