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Power Pour anti detonation agent

Fuel limitations within the UK street legal Drag Racing class (Street Eliminator) only allowed the use of commercially available unleaded pump fuel, but do allow the use of fuel additives.

Unleaded fuels present a problem with the cylinder pressures, high rpm, boost and nitrous volumes associated with today's racing engines. This results in having to limit compression ratio's and ignition timing, thus limiting performance.

Team Blakemore rider, and Top Fuel Car driver Jon Webster, experienced problems along these lines whilst using commercially available additives in his nitrous injected big block Ford Mustang. Jon was already planning a change to a turbo combination, and could only see the problem worsening with the new combination.

To try and solve these problems, Jon commissioned a highly respected chemist in the Petrochemical industry, to design an additive that was free of both lead and propylene oxide. And that would enable commercially available unleaded pump fuel, to be run at the high cylinder pressures associated with forced induction road and race engines.

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Power Pour is an amazing anti detonation addative that has proved time and time again to give a performance boost as well shim