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Specification and history of Wendy's Top Fuel Harley Davidson




Conceived, designed and built in Bristol, Wendy's thundering 1870cc nitro burning Top Fuel Supertwin is another example of the diversity of the motorcycle work we carry out here at Tim Blakemore Racing.

This bike is a brutal beast , and in basic concept, fairly simple: A massive engine, to which huge quantities of lethal nitromethane fuel are pumped. Huge power and torque is transferred to the super sticky slick by a slider clutch - no gearbox! No clutch lever on the bars, the levers are for front and rear brakes.
Of course the details are far from simple, and our long experience of tuning and repairing Harley Davidsons has come to the fore in selecting the best components from around the World, to be combined with parts engineered here in Bristol.

Riding a bike like this is not for the faint hearted: Nitromethane pushes an engine to the limits and beyond, sometimes resulting in spectacular explosions. No wonder then that Wendy wears a bomb proof vest over her leathers!


Originally built by Steve 'Bear' Clutterbuck in 2000.
Bought and rebuilt in 2007 by Wendy Clutterbuck. Prospectively running into the 7's on a diet of 95- 98% Nitromethane.

Engine: Based on the Harley Davidson 'Big Twin' 'Evo' engine.
Crankcases: Delkron CNC machined.
Crankshaft: S&S with McClure rods
Pistons: Hawaya Racing Inc with 'Total Seal' rings.
Camshaft: Andrews with Rivera pushrods operating Black Diamond valves.
Fuel System: Kinsler mechanical injection.
Fuel: Nitro methane, over 1 gallon per 1/4 mile run.
Ignition: Dyna Super Pro 4000HD.
Onboard data acquisition: Racepak V300SD.
Transmission: High gear, slider clutch/jackshaft.
Chassis: Full chromo constructed by Zannetec Motorsports.
Brakes: Alien Wavy Race disc (available from us).
Rear Wheel: Ex Brain Johnson Kosman.
Rear Tyre: 11" Goodyear Eagle® Dragway slick.
Paintwork: TJC Design

Bristol's Wendy Clutterbuck Top Fuel Harley Davidson

Photo by clevercaptures.com

Complete Harley Davidson drag bikes built in the UK

The Harley Davidson 'Big Twin' Top Fuel drag bike nearing completion outside the Tim Blakemore Racing shop in Bristol.

Bristol built Top Fuel Harley launches at SCR with Wendy in control



Rock Oil lubricants available in Bristol from Tim Blakemore Racing

The Tim Blakemore Racing TF Harley is sponsored by Rock Oil, Rock Oil products available from stock in Bristol.


Wendy's Story:

I have been around the sport of Drag Racing since the 70's! At the time we lived in Canada where my Dad, Steve ' Bear' Clutterbuck, raced at the local Drag strip in Edmonton Alberta. We always went along to watch and help out, although I'm not sure how much help I actually was at 5 years old!

We moved back to England and continued to follow the sport through the 1980's, particularly the major events that used to be held at Shakespeare County Raceway (then known as Long Marston) near Stratford upon in Avon Warwickshire. During this time I was racing BMX at National level and eventually moved on to get my first motorcycle which was a hotted up Yamaha RD50 when I was 16 and then at 17 a Suzuki RG125.

We started Drag racing again in 1994, where I crewed for my dad Steve in the N.A.S.T. (National Association of Supertwins) Top Gas class, with a Harley Davidson Sportster based petrol drag bike.
We were eventually introduced to the wonder of Nitro Methane by our good friend Ben Beneke and never looked back: Moving into the Top Fuel class and winning the championship in 1999.
We moved on to build the next bike using a 114ci Harley Evo 'Big Twin' with an 11" slick, which I eventually had a go on at Santa Pod Raceway in 2005.
I decided after a decade of crewing I wanted to race and bought our old Sportster back at the end of the 2005 season. I spent all winter getting it ready for the track, completely rebuilding the engine and bringing the whole bike up to date.

I went on to win two consecutive Top Fuel Championships in 2006 and 2007, & runner up in 2008, making me the first female in History to ever win a Nitro title on a motorcycle.

I decided to move up another gear and bought and rebuilt the 114ci Evo. I haven't had much track time with this machine as of yet, and after a few teething problems with the fuel system caused a serious lean out, torching both sets of cylinder heads!

Life is very hectic at the moment, running a very busy motorcycle tuning centre in Bristol with partner Tim Blakemore and also crewing for Tim on his Kawasaki sponsored funny bike. I hope to return to the track this year, 2010, with a brand new set of custom billet heads and the addition of a racepak data logger where the bike should happily run into the 7s.

Originally built by Steve 'Bear' Clutterbuck in 1993. Bought and rebuilt in 2005 by Wendy Clutterbuck. Running consistent 8.70-8.90 @ 150mph on a diet of between 94 - 98% Nitromethane.

Originally built by Steve 'Bear' Clutterbuck in 1993
Engine: 1979 XL Sportster
Crankcases: Standard Sportster
Crank: S&S with S&S 'Supreme' con rods
Pistons: J.E. with 'Total Seal' rings
Camshaft: Leineweber L7 operating chromo pushrods and Kibblewhite valves
Fuel System: Hawaya S&S Super B Nitro carburettor.
Ignition: Dyna Super Pro 4000HD.
Transmission: High gear, slider clutch.
Chassis: Al Smith chromo
Rear tyre: 9" Goodyear Eagle® Dragway slick.
Paintwork: TJC Design

All parts used in these bikes are available at our shop in Bristol or by mail order, call Tim or Wendy too discuss your Harley Davidson tuning requirements.

Yes we repair and tune Harleys too!

Wendy launches the Tim Blakemore Racing/Rock Oil sponsored 'Big Twin' based bike at Shakespeare County Raceway.

Wendy Clutterbuck Top Fuel Champion from Bristol

Wendy gets some heat into the rear slick on the old Sportster based Top Fuel bike.

Another trophy for Tim Blakemore Racing

This is what it is all about, another souvenir for the Blakemore Racing Trophy cabinet.