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To assist development of the new ZZR14 funnybike Tim is developing, he has once again teamed up with Kawasaki UK to run the ZZR14 9.50 bike in the ACU drag racing class Drag racing ZZR14 street/strip turbo by Tim Blakemore Racing
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The Kawasaki Motors UK/Tim Blakemore Racing ZZR14 Street drag bike

Taking a standard ZZR1400 supplied by Kawasaki UK, this was dyno tested on the Tim Blakemore Racing Dyno in Bristol. The results provided a baseline to which development could be compared; the standard bike produced 168.25hp at the rear wheel*. We then tested at the drag strip where the bike just slipped into the high 9's.

*Manufacturers figures are measured at the crankshaft.

Stage 1:
A full Akrapovic stainless 4-2-1 exhaust system, DNA air filter and Dynojet Power Commander III were fitted in our Bristol works. These simple modifications raised rear wheel power to 188.23bhp and gave a large weight reduction, whilst keeping the bike fully road legal.
To allow consistent running in the 9.50 class of drag racing, the bike was then lowered and the wheelbase extended with simple slip in swinging arm extensions. In this guise the bike ran easily in the 9.4s at 150mph and thus began a successful career in the ACU 9.50 class.

Stage 2:
To further develop the bike for promotional events and a possible move into the 8.50 class we decided to step up considerably.
A low pressure turbo installation, designed and manufactured in the South West at Tim Blakemore Classics, was fitted providing 6psi boost to the still standard engine. To allow the clutch to cope with the power increase, a lock up was added. This was very necessary, as with the addition of Power Pour anti detonation agent to the unleaded petrol, the ZZR1400 now produced 276hp!


Brief final specification is as follows:

Engine: 2006 Kawasaki ZZR11400
Induction: Tim Blakemore low pressure turbo system (£4999), Dynojet Power Commander III custom mapped with LCD display (£399.99)
Ignition: Standard
Fuel: Standard pump unleaded + Power Pour anti detonation agent
Power: 276hp @ 6 psi boost
Accessories: MSD Shift Light, Roaring Toys swinging arm extenders, TBR lowering links, Gilles carbon rear sets, HEL stainless brake hoses, TBR air shift system, Front end lowering straps.
Paint: TJC DESIGN ( 0117 90672233)

All parts used in both performance tuning stages of the ZZR1400 are available from Tim Blakemore Mail Order, see below for contact details.

For full details of the project and some information about drag racing, click here for a PDF file

Many thanks to our project sponsors:

Kawasaki Motors UK
Rock Oil
Webster Race Engineering
Dynojet UK
Performance Parts Ltd.
CR Turbo Engineering
TJC design

Custom ZZR14 tubocharger installation for street and drag racing in the South West, by the Tim Blakmore Racing Dynojet centre

December 2007 and work on creating the turbo exhaust manifold beginsok

The newly finished Stage 2 turbo version of the ZZR1400 is shown to Kawasaki UK dealers at a special promotional event

Tim Blakemore Racing ZZR14 with street turbo installation, supported by Kawasaki UK

For consistent launches in the super competitive 9.50 class, padding keeps rider Jon Webster's weight distributed correctly